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Which Mortgage Insurance Policy is Best for me?

How much are you paying for insurance? Are you overpaying? Determining the best insurance policy for you is no easy task.  Get a quote right now or contact us to find the best insurance policy for you.

A Comparison of Mortgage Insurance Sources

Lending Institution Insurance

Individual Life Insurance

Lending institution insurance is when an insurance policy is obtained from a lending institution (typically a bank or another financial institution) that pays off the balance of the mortgage if a borrower were to pass away.

Individual life insurance describes an insurance policy that is paid by one person and covers a single person. Its intention is to meet the financial obligations of a surviving spouse or family members in the case of the insured’s death

What are the Differences Between Lending Institution and Individual Life Insurance?

Lending Institution Insurance

Individual Life Insurance

Must prequalify when changing lending institutions which means the price will go up while the benefit decreases over time

Death benefit is usually on the declining balance of the mortgage 

Typically do not offer a discount for excellent health 

The lending institution owns and is the beneficiary of the policy 

Some lenders include disability and critical illness insurance as part of their mortgage insurance packages 

Once approved, coverage cannot be revoked, provided the premiums are paid 

Coverage is not tied to your mortgage 

In the case of death, your significant other has the choice of paying off the mortgage or continuing to make the monthly payments based on the situation; giving them the benefits of control and choice 

Premiums can be guaranteed for a specific term, or a lifetime 

For those insured in excellent health, discounts of up to 35% are possible

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